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Updated: May 20

Hey Honey Bee! Hope you're well and staying safe. Over the past year I've received quite a number of questions, from floral arrangements to the process of flower pressing to personal questions. Hence starting Bonny Blogs will be a platform where all those questions will gradually be answered.

Who Is Bonny V?

Many of you know me as Bonny but my name is actually Tania and I'm the creator and founder of Bonny V.

So you might be thinking, who exactly is Bonny V?... I named this project after my late grandfather, Bon Van. He was one of my best friends growing up and incredibly supportive. As well as that, he embodied everything I want for this project - appreciating the magic of mother nature, slowing down and letting go of reality, and creating a positive mental health. Hence his name encapsulates my vision to a tee.

The Story of Bonny V

I never knew flower preservation existed until a trip to Japan a few years back. I stumbled across an art museum filled with beautiful pressed flower artworks, so when I returned home I thought I'd give it a go. I started posting my creations on social media and surprisingly received an overwhelmingly positive response from family and friends.

This eventually gave me the idea to start this little project and illustrate the importance of having a creative outlet to express ourselves with no boundaries or limitations. Not only that but for us to simply stop, clear our minds and be present. I've found this very important and creating has really helped me personally. It's something I've been subconsciously sharing as a gentle gesture and reminder that we all have a story and go/going through tough times - But sometimes we just need to slow down and mentally detox with the magic of creativity and art.

So, welcome to the first of many Bonny blog posts and thank you for swinging by!

The next post will be an introduction to Flower Pressing so I'll catch you then. If you have a Bonny V related question, please send them through (via email) and I'll get around it soon :)

Stay Wholesome!

- Tania

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