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Hey sunshine ☼ Hope you've been happy, healthy and safe! Today on Bonny Blogs, I'll be providing tips when collecting and picking your flowers prior to pressing them.

The way mother nature has fashioned flowers, she gives us a beautiful but short-lived pleasure and delight. Therefore capturing this magic by preserving them, to me is the perfect medium to create an arrangement of lasting beauty. You don't have to be a botanist to know which flowers are to best press - you can honestly press almost any type of flower or plant (maybe not super thick flower eg. Proteas, Thistles). It all comes down to experimenting and learning from what techniques worked on which flower and after examining and playing with a range of blooms, you might learn to appreciate their beauty in a way you hadn't before.

Planting & Growing

There's a special sentiment when growing your own flowers, watching them grow and nurturing them, picking them before they wilt away and then pressing them. As I mentioned earlier, you can press almost any flower so if you are thinking of becoming a flower parent, I'd recommend starting off with some easy peasy ones like Sweet Peas, Marigolds, Pansies or even Snap Dragons.

When it comes time to pick

your babies from the garden or if you're foraging- to ensure you don't harm the plant's future growth, don't just snap off the stems or pull up it's roots, cleanly and gently cut the parts you want with scissors (little Burke's Backyard lesson for ya hehe). Once picked or as you pick them, lay them gently in a basket or some kind of container and then dry/press them as soon as possible so they don't wilt, which may leave the flower mouldy after pressing or could lead to major discolouration once pressed (depending the flower).

Picking & Pressing

The optimum time to pick flowers is in the middle of the day when all the dew has evaporated. Sunny weather is the best hence you should avoid rainy days. If you do have to pick flowers in damp weather, you can pick whole stems and stand them in a vase with water for a few hours until the flowerheads are dry.

As well as this, be sure to pick flowers at their best, when they have just opened and before they produce pollen. If you've bought your flowers, you'll need to press them asap, I know it's hard but try not to be tempted to enjoy their magic for a few days before pressing, but press them while are at their best!

Thanks for reading till the end and if you've just been skim reading, the main points you really need know are:

  • Press when fresh

  • Rip Cut stems

  • Press pronto post picked

  • Picking wet flowers bad, picking sunny midday flowers good!

I hope this has been somewhat insightful for you and if I have convinced you to start growing your own flowers to either watch them grow or in preparation to press these beauties, congratulations, good luck and most importantly, have fun :) Also too, send me photos when they grow and bloom - I'd love to see!

As always, Bonny Blogs is a platform to answer your questions regarding pressed flowers so if you do have a question you'd like me to cover in the upcoming posts, please email me and I will answer them so soon!

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Keep Safe & Stay Wholesome!

- Tania


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