It can be exhausting to push through the day when you're mind is cluttered with over analysed thoughts. When you wake up the next day, try to see the good in this new day and embrace the present moment, because like everyone that you love, YOU TOO deserve to be happy and at peace.


It's can be hard and you may not be able to and that's totally fine, you tried and you're healing and that should be enough ~ but may this gental reminder help lift you up when you're feeling down and get you back on your feet. 


Flowers used: Roses (symbolising love).

'It's a New Day'

  • Frame Dimensions: 8"x 10" (30cm x 35cm)

    Material: Medium Density Fibreboard, Glass. Can't be hung on the wall.

    Colour: Wood

    Cleaning Care: To clean your frame, a quick wipe with water or glass cleaner using a clean cloth or paper towel will work best.

    Frame Care: These flowers are naturally pressed just how mother would like it. Overtime, through its natural process there will be some flower discolouration but it's shape and structure will last forever which is the true beauty of flower pressing.