Your selflessness and deep compassion is the reason why you'd prefer to go through your struggles, doubts and pain alone than ask for help - you know that eveybody is going through something of their own so you don't want to unload and burden anybody. 


Know that you are in any way alone. Unloading and asking for help is the reason why we have family and friends. They care and will always want to help. What you're going through may resonate and be relatable, and from there you can get through it together which is so much more reassuring sometimes. And getting through it mentally be yourself can be so draining and scary and you deserve to feel safe and happy. 


~ may this gentle reminder help lift you up when you're feeling down and get you back on your feet. 


Flowers used: Sunflower (symbolising happiness)

'You're Not Alone'

  • Frame Dimensions: 8"x 10" (30cm x 35cm)

    Material: Medium Density Fibreboard, Glass. Can't be hung on the wall.

    Colour: Wood

    Cleaning Care: To clean your frame, a quick wipe with water or glass cleaner using a clean cloth or paper towel will work best.

    Frame Care: These flowers are naturally pressed just how mother would like it. Overtime, through its natural process there will be some flower discolouration but it's shape and structure will last forever which is the true beauty of flower pressing.