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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a discolouration to the flower petals overtime?

Ultimatey, all flowers will fade in colour overtime and some may be fade quicker than another. Flower pressing is not about preserving its colour, but about presrving it's shape and structure.

Please also be mindful that exposing your frame in direct sunlight will cause discolouration to the flowers at a quicker rate, hence displaying your frame in a shady and/or not exposed in constant direct sunlight will help your frame to not lose its colour.

With bridal frames, this is why we ask for the bouquet to be dropped off as soon as possible for better colour retention when pressed and dried.

Can I ask for specific flowers in my frame?

Absolutely, we would love to use the flower/s of your choosing! Please note that some flowers may not be available due to the current season (range of flowers are limited due to COVID-19).

When choosing specific flowers, please be aware that your order may take a little longer to send off as we'll need to find the flower and press them.  We'll contact you if this is the case, or if you're not sure please contact us!

Does Bonny V deliver internationally?

Yes we do! Bonny V is an Australian brand and we would love to spread our flower vibes to anyone in the world. There's an international shipping option when you're at the checkout.

How long will it take for you to make it and send it to me?

Every frame and case at Bonny V are custom made for the individual, therefore it will take between 2-3 weeks for us to arrange your order plus postage time (see below).

Within Australia: 

Standard: 5-7 business days 

Express: 3-5 business days 

Note: Delays are expected due to COVID-19


Standard: 7-14 business days 

Express: 5-7 business days

Note: Delays are expected due to COVID-19

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