Bridal Frames

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life. Let us preserve your beautiful bouquet, arrange you something sentimental where you can keep forever in your home and share stories and memories from your piece of art.

Here's how it works: 

- Once you have made an order from us we will email you to organise a time for to drop off your bouquet

(Wollongong area). NOTE: Please order prior to your wedding so we an swiftly organise a date and time for you to drop off your bouquet and it arrives to us before it starts to wilt.  This can affect the flowers ability to dry as well as press and could leave your artwork to quickly lose its colour from its original form. Hence, we will not accept any orders post wedding.

- There is a 1-3 day leeway period to drop off your bouquet.  The sooner the better but we understand the external factors post wedding.  We recommend keeping the bouquet in a cool environment so the flowers remain as fresh as possible

- It will take 4-8 weeks for us to press and arrange (depending on your flowers)

- We will then either post you the finished piece and email you the tracking number, or contact you and arrange a time for pick up based on the choice of your order

We'll only be accepting 3 wedding bouquets a month so please select the month of your wedding to place an order and secure a spot below. 

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