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Let's frolic, forage and play with flowers. Spend some time with yourself for yourself and cleanse your mind with nature. 


We welcome you to a walk in the park introductory guide to flower pressing in the comfort of your home - We welcome mother nature into our home. 


Your kit will include: 

  • a handmade presser 
  • a wooden frame 
  • pre pressed flowers
  • a step by step instruction guide 

Pressed Flower Kit

  • Dimensions: 

    Flower Presser 15cm x 15cm

    Wooden Frame 5"x7" (13cm x 18cm)

    Material: Eucalypt Wood, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Glass

    Colour: Eucalypt Wood

    Frame Care: To clean your frame, a quick wipe with water or glass cleaner using a clean cloth or paper towel will work best.

    Presser Care: To maintain the quality of your flowers pressing without any mould and strong vibrant colours, replace paper and cardboard every third or fourth time pressing to eliminate any moisture from the paper.

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